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Just doing a little maintenance to the blog. Made some updates and included Twitter capabilities and consolidated some posts.

Softdrinks Ban in School Doesn’t Affect Children’s Consumption

Study shows that the ban on sugary drinks in schools on some states has not decreased a student’s consumption on these kinds of drinks. The research by the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has proved that through their survey of 6,900 students from 40 states. Most students still has access on these sugary drinks [...]

School Vending Machine Prices Differs

Prices of soft drinks are different from one campus to another. For instance at the University of Northern Iowa where a 20-ounce of bottle costs $1.50 while a 24-ounce Pepsi or Coke only cost $1 in some machines outside the campus. The reason for this is that because bottling companies such as Pepsi in this [...]

Vending Machine Market in India

Vending Machine Market in India 2011 report has been launched by Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. The report is a result of an intensive market research in India which is currently at a nascent stage but is expected to grow dynamically in the future. The report starts with an introduction of vending machines then followed by [...]

Lettuce-Growing Vending Machine

Chef’s Farm is a Japanese lettuce-growing vending machine developed by Dentsu can grow 60 head of lettuce per day which means around 20,000 head a year. This amazing machine doesn’t use any sunlight, instead it uses fluorescent bulbs and evidently it can also grow other kinds of plants. This machine is worth $90,000 which can [...]

Power Saving Machines by Coca Cola Japan to Save Electric Use

Bottling companies in Japan such as Coca-Cola and 12 others will reduce electric consumption in their vending machine to help the country with power shortage because of the earthquake and tsunami that transpired this year. To do that, indoor vending machines will turn all the lights off during day time while outdoor vending machines will [...]

Office Vending Machines Today

These days, office vending machines doesn’t only serve the usual cup of coffee, instead more and more food products are offered in these types of machines. As the world evolves, the vending has also come a long way. Because office vending machines have proven its worth in offices, it has become more and more tech [...]

Healthy Drinks in Vending Machines Questionable About Its Nutritious Content

Vending machines in Toronto Canada which has been reported to be costing the city about 1 million dollars because it’s selling healthy food and drinks is also being questioned about the healthy drinks which are inside the machine if they are indeed really healthy. One example is the Milk2Go, a pure milk which has other [...]

Gas Island Vending by Murphy USA

Murphy Oil USA in partnership with Vendgogh, LLC will pilot gas island vending on some of their branches in AR, GA and NC. These companies will be installing integrated gas island vending solutions from Vendgogh’s to allow fuel customers of Murphy USA to not only buy fuel from these machines but cold drinks as well. [...]

Vending Machine for Gen-Y

The National Automatic Merchandising Association has started its “Gratitude Tour” all over US. The tour is featuring 20 state-of the-art vending machines to capture Gen Y consumers. They’ve started their tour from Boston, then New York; Madison, WI; Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Phoenix and Minneapolis. The reason why these 6 cities in 6 different states are [...]