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Just doing a little maintenance to the blog. Made some updates and included Twitter capabilities and consolidated some posts.

Lay’s Vending Machine

The Lay’s vending machine in Buenos Aires, Argentina which dispenses a fresh bag of Lay’s chips by inserting a piece of fresh potato into the machine has been a success. The campaign which aims to show the consumers that Lay’s chips are indeed made from fresh and natural potatoes was accepted by the consumers and [...]

Softdrinks Ban in School Doesn’t Affect Children’s Consumption

Study shows that the ban on sugary drinks in schools on some states has not decreased a student’s consumption on these kinds of drinks. The research by the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has proved that through their survey of 6,900 students from 40 states. Most students still has access on these sugary drinks [...]

School Vending Machine Prices Differs

Prices of soft drinks are different from one campus to another. For instance at the University of Northern Iowa where a 20-ounce of bottle costs $1.50 while a 24-ounce Pepsi or Coke only cost $1 in some machines outside the campus. The reason for this is that because bottling companies such as Pepsi in this [...]

Lettuce-Growing Vending Machine

Chef’s Farm is a Japanese lettuce-growing vending machine developed by Dentsu can grow 60 head of lettuce per day which means around 20,000 head a year. This amazing machine doesn’t use any sunlight, instead it uses fluorescent bulbs and evidently it can also grow other kinds of plants. This machine is worth $90,000 which can [...]

High Tech Products and Toys on Vending Machines

American vending machines are not that far away from Japanese machines. You see, there are vending machines that sell high tech gadgets catering the US market these days. There’s a vending machine specifically located at Macy’s men’s department which vends Apple products such as iPad and other Apple accessories, not only that it also sells [...]

Traffic Light Theme for Vending Machines at UVU

Young people or the so-called generation y has many daily routines which have become an integral part of their lives such as tweeting, video games and even buying meals from vending machines resulting in poor diet for students which could eventually lead to obesity and other disease. Now, UVU has an ongoing study within the [...]

Vending Machine for Gen-Y

The National Automatic Merchandising Association has started its “Gratitude Tour” all over US. The tour is featuring 20 state-of the-art vending machines to capture Gen Y consumers. They’ve started their tour from Boston, then New York; Madison, WI; Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Phoenix and Minneapolis. The reason why these 6 cities in 6 different states are [...]

Vending Machines in Bahamas

Vending machines are not popular in the Caribbean Island, however since a lot of tourists are visiting the island, a lot of people who are used to vending machines are always looking for one.  There’s a large amount of market for vending in Caribbean which has to be captured.  And because of that a Caribbean [...]

Healthy Drink Policy Questioned by Toronto Councilor

Councilor Doug Ford, brother of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto Canada is questioning the city staff for health regulations about their “force-feeding” of healthy drinks to the children. The city staff is then blaming the healthy vending initiative of the city council which is requiring Pepsi Co.  which has a 5-year contract with the city [...]