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Pink Vending Machine Tampon Dispenser for your Vending Business

If you’re looking for a vending machine to start your vending business, then you’ll never go wrong with a brand new Hospeco VP-75-300 Pink Vending Machine Tampon Dispenser Starter Kit. The kit already includes 300 dittie vended plastic applicator tampons (refill HOS VP-300, sold separately) and the dispenser itself. The dispenser best suites in public [...]

Nail Art Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Glamour Nail, the first and only nail art vending machine has had some improvements in their machines. There’s a new print system installed in the machine which allows the machine to apply nail art on each finger in just 10 seconds. The touch screen interface has also been improved to make it more convenient for [...]

Kid Running a Vending Business

Rob Fitzpatrick an entrepreneur who’s based in London shares his story of how he became wise because of his strong entrepreneurial foundation which was taught to him by his dad. When he was young, his father gave him a vending machine as the source of his allowance. Since he was still a kid, he doesn’t [...]

Healthy Drink Policy Questioned by Toronto Councilor

Councilor Doug Ford, brother of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto Canada is questioning the city staff for health regulations about their “force-feeding” of healthy drinks to the children. The city staff is then blaming the healthy vending initiative of the city council which is requiring Pepsi Co.  which has a 5-year contract with the city [...]

Overview of the Vending Industry in Latin America

An extensive market research about Vending Machines within Latin America report has been released for the use of the vending business operators and to those who are interested in the joining the industry. The said report which is known as “Vending Machines in Latin America to 2015: Market Guide” consists of an overview of vending [...]

Coke and Visa for Cashless Payments on Vending in 2012 Olympics

Coca-Cola together with Visa, two of the major sponsors in the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games would be introducing cashless payment that could be used by the people in vending machines within the Olympic Park during the Olympic Games. Coca-Cola in has already started implementing cashless payment with some of their machines in Luxembourg and [...]

DVD Vending Machines for Entrepreneurs

The concept for DVD vending machine originates in Japan is now widely used in several countries, which includes America. The machine uses a touch screen panel which allows customers to view DVD titles and choose the available DVD they wanted to buy or rent. Running a DVD vending machine business is like running a typical [...]

Earthtrade’s LV-1000 Alkaline Water Vending Machine

Earthtrade’s LV-1000 is an alkaline water vending machine that offers great profit for vending machine operators. This is a very good investment since a lot of people are getting health conscious these days. The target customers for this machine are health conscious individuals who are willing to pay $2 for a half liter bottle of [...]

Lawmakers Amends Some Restrictions on Vending Machines in California

Lawmakers from Sacramento California have recently amended their bill which requires vending machines to sell 50% healthy food options. Right now, the law is only requiring around 35% of the foods sold in vending machines in the state must pass in the nutritional standards set by the state. The first proposition which requires 50% should [...]