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Lay’s Vending Machine

The Lay’s vending machine in Buenos Aires, Argentina which dispenses a fresh bag of Lay’s chips by inserting a piece of fresh potato into the machine has been a success. The campaign which aims to show the consumers that Lay’s chips are indeed made from fresh and natural potatoes was accepted by the consumers and [...]

Check-In on Coca-Cola’s Vending Machines

Coca Cola’s new innovation in their vending machine allows its customers to check-in and choose an avatar that would fit their personality with the use of QR Codes. Presently, there are about 400,000 vending machines in the country with QR codes and around 420,000 more machines will be installed QR codes by the end of [...]

Vending Machines with QR Codes

By Tyler Lee on 11/14/2011 09:30 PST Japan is very famous for its vending machines. Wherever you go, you’ll surely bump into one. And now with their innovative technology they are advancing their machines by knowing its customers more on a personal level with the use of QR code. Customers can take a photo of [...]

Full Touchscreen Vending Machine

Another very smart and cool idea on vending machines from the Japanese vending machine manufacturer. It is a machine that dispenses sodas and other kinds of drinks but it doesn’t display the actual cans or bottles the customer wants to purchase. There’s only a large touchscreen where you can choose your drinks and also serves [...]

Vending Machine would Dispense Charge for Hybrid Vehicles in Japan

Japanese vending machine has always fascinated the world with their innovative and unique machines. Their 5.5 million vending machines, as of 2008 sell exotic products as well such as live crabs and lettuce heads. In March 2012, 10 Japanese companies would start installing around 10,000 electric vehicle chargers throughout the country. The vending machine would [...]

Pink Vending Machine Tampon Dispenser for your Vending Business

If you’re looking for a vending machine to start your vending business, then you’ll never go wrong with a brand new Hospeco VP-75-300 Pink Vending Machine Tampon Dispenser Starter Kit. The kit already includes 300 dittie vended plastic applicator tampons (refill HOS VP-300, sold separately) and the dispenser itself. The dispenser best suites in public [...]

Nail Art Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Glamour Nail, the first and only nail art vending machine has had some improvements in their machines. There’s a new print system installed in the machine which allows the machine to apply nail art on each finger in just 10 seconds. The touch screen interface has also been improved to make it more convenient for [...]

Healthier Vending in Richmond

The vending machines in Richmond hospitals and community centers use to sell 50% healthy food options to its consumers but not anymore. The city’s health department has decided to have the vending machines sell 100% healthier food options instead. This means that you can’t find a snickers bars and regular sodas into their vending machines. [...]

Canned Meds in Vending Machines

These days where almost everything can be purchased through vending machines it is not far away where people can conveniently purchase medicines in the form of cans such as Viagra, Xanax, and Oxycontin. Click here to check out the full story here